Rock Exhibition Recap

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Chloe Michell and Danka Napiorkowska's Summer Exhibition at the Rock Institute, Rock Cornwall
Chloe Michell and Danka Napiorkowska’s Summer Exhibition at the Rock Institute, Rock Cornwall

Well, what a blast that was! It is always such an intense period of time preparing for the show. If I was organised, I would start making stock for the show in the new year, but there always seems something else more pressing to do. Maybe next year I might achieve this with the help of Lauren, who is basically the glue that keeps this ship running these days.

Mum and I worked out that we have been doing the show together for about twenty years (we weren’t sure of the exact year we started). I did have 2 year break in the middle when I had Evie, and Mum temporarily sacked me as she could see my energies weren’t in the right place. But I came back with a vengeance! Not long after that break I went on to do my degree in silversmithing and jewellery.

Gold stacking rings and gold blue tourmaline ring made by chloe michell jewellery, cornwall
Gold stacking rings and gold blue tourmaline ring handmade by Chloe Michell jewellery, Cornwall

For me the Rock Exhibition is more than just a show. As you may or may not know, I don’t currently do shows. They involve a lot of hard work, time and money of which I don’t have a lot of at the moment. I guess this will come when Evie is older and has left home like the other two offspring. For those of you who do shows, you will understand the pressure they bring. This show is no different. Possibly even a bit more testing, as it is an independent which Mum and I organise, stock and run entirely ourselves. It is nice because it is so local to us and the hall itself is such a nice space with wonderful views.

Camilla by Danka Napiorkowska, cornwall
Camilla by Danka Napiorkowska, Cornwall

Possibly the best thing about it though is doing it with Mum. I treasure the time we get to spend together and last year was amazing, as we were there for nearly 3 whole weeks!!!! We have been doing it so long now we are like a well oiled machine. It is a pleasure to work with Mum, having the opportunity to tap into the infinite knowledge she has on being a woman in the industry and who has always been a full time artist supported by her talents.

Hand decorated bone china by Danka Napiorkowska, Cornwall
Hand decorated bone china by Danka Napiorkowska, Cornwall

This year Mum had an archive sale where she heavily reduced the price of her beautiful paintings to make space for a new venture. Mum has been doing these style of pastels for over twenty years now, so she feels it is time for a change. We are currently working on a page on her website where there will be (for a limited time), a selection of the reduced paintings. She has been focusing on the bone china collections and they are proofing very popular. She is also hoping to pick up some brushes and oils and do some paintings soon.

Selection so stud earrings by Chloe Michell Jewellery, Cornwall
Selection of stud earrings handmade by Chloe Michell Jewellery, Cornwall

Where does this leave the future of the Rock Exhibition ? Well, I am looking forward to taking on the challenge of running it from now on. Mum will still have her china exhibited and we have all got our fingers crossed that my sister will be joining us with her ceramics, which is super exciting!

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