one woman band

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Yup you guessed it right ! This blog is about being a one woman band …. i.e. working alone on the business where everything (and I mean everything) is done by myself.

I have been inspired to write this after sitting at my table for 4 whole days trying to update my website. I have watched about 10 hours of photoshop tutorials to edit the lovely slideshow on the front page, I have had to have courses on web design to enable me to update the site and have done hours of research online looking at websites and trying to find what kind of thing fits my business model. I find it extremely difficult to write my copy for the site, so have struggled through that too (its bad , I know it is so forgive me lol ) !

image of chloe michell jewellery's office pricing

the fun that is pricing

The list is endless!!! Making designing and jewellery is the fun bit but without the the rest of it the ship will go down.

I have tried outsourcing a few things such as production of jewellery, paying for someone to write my copy for my marketing, but really I want to provide an extremely personal service so , I decided do it myself. The only thing I am desperate to pass over is the accounts ( I do not really need my personality coming though in that so its acceptable), but even then I am a trained bookkeeper  so there is no reason I can’t do that myself either.


the work bench

So, when there is the option box in the occupation section of application forms, I want to write, designer, maker, pricing person, bookkeeper, administrator, graphic designer, web designer, PA, PR, marketer, advertiser, photographer (not quite got that one off yet) and researcher.

We must not forget training either, there is training in technique, web design, business management, sales & marketing, the list is endless. It however, is terribly important, because with out learning and developing nor will the designs or business.

Since February I have moved my workshop and even though I do all the business myself, I have my shining light Claire (she is sunbirdstudios check her awesome work out), who I share workshops  with (she’s on the phone in the pic below). Claire has to constantly listen to my “work” drivel and continuous muttering to myself, it makes the journey much more comfortable …. thanks Claire.

chloe michell working at her bench on a gold wedding ring

the jeweller …. which is what I do it all for !!!!

However, there may be ups and downs but I would not have it another way. I love my work, the people I meet and the journeys I go on!

I wouldn’t change it for the world. So when I say I do everything myself, believe me I do, I love it, it is tough sometimes but it is what I have been put on this planet to do !!!

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