Not long now !!

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Yep, you got it I am talking about Christmas !!

The dreaded C word !! With more and more frequent posts popping up on social media with the constant count down to christmas day we will all be staring to consider gifts for our loved ones !! And whats better than buying and supporting local crafts people, the ones who make everything for you by hand wether it be custom orders or off the peg designs.

Why not go crazy and order your beloved’s a one off bespoke piece of jewellery? Lots of my customers love to have unique jewellery and this is the perfect place to come for just that. What a great surprise for them to find a bespoke piece of jewellery under the christmas tree or in their stocking!!

We can add birth stones, birth stones of children, initials ….. the list is endless of what we could do to add that extra personal touch to earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets/bangles.

I can work within your budget and we can create something really special and with meaning.

Recently I made a gorgeous necklace for some lovely returning clients of mine. The design was their own and incorporates two wings surrounding 3 hearts with loved ones initials. She loved it!!

silver chain with wings and three hearts with initials on made by chloe michell jewellery

This is what they had to say about it …. ” I love it… Thank you for such an awesome piece of jewellery. I cried my eyes out when I opened it.. It gets worn everyday.. X”

“Thank you Chloe Michell for another piece of your talent. Again – will be back for more!”

Don’t we just want our loved ones to feel this special when you give them a very personal gift, and don’t we all want to glow on the inside with happiness as we have made them feel so loved? Its such a special way to give a personal present

Anyway, who said you had to just buy for someone else ? You can treat yourself to a fab new pair of earrings that go with your dress for the office christmas party 😉

If your unsure about design etc I can help you with that. Check out my conception to completion blog that gives you a rough idea of the commissioning process.

Below is a gallery of commissioned pieces I have made

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