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Back in July of 2020 (the year of the dreaded Covid) Mima came to see me at my Rock Summer Show to speak to me about a shell she had found on an architectural dig. She wanted it in silver. So, Although it isn’t my usual kind of work I really loved the story behind it and arranged for the shell to be electroplated in silver. This technique can be used on any object, and the object can be encased in gold, silver and copper leaving the original item in the centre. I have seen electroplated kids shoes, which quite frankly is the coolest thing and a lovely way to keep that memory. I don’t do this in the workshop and have to send it off to a supplier, which in this case was well worth it.

I love the story behind this shell, I asked Mima to tell me a bit about the story and this is what she sent me…

This is the excavation I went on easy last year – pre- covid! It was called Raz Al Jinz excavation and was a neolithic (3000BC) settlement right on the tip of Oman, where the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman meet. 
The excavation was organised but eh Sultanate of Oman. Several areas have been excavated since the 70’s as its location / finds makes it significant for early trade routes between India and the Middle East.  We were excavating the workstation that would have been used to create fishing nets – finds mostly were shells (attached)! but also beads, copper and grinding stones. 
The area is beautiful, relatively untouched. Although tourism was growing as the areas is known as the beaches are nesting sites for turtle (which we would often have to help to the sea in the mornings!). The country is beautiful and people all so friendly – a few snapshots attached below also. 

J Dunnett

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