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Lauren approached me last year for a ring remodel. I was delighted as it was to be the first full remodel (gemstones and metal) that I would be doing for a client. It will always hold a special place in my heart for that reason alone. I asked Lauren for some feed back for my case studies, and after reading her words I knew I couldn’t put it into words the way she has . There is nothing like hearing this from a client, and what could be a better testimonial than this !!!

“So the two rings, the white gold was my original engagement ring from hubby, however after about 5/6 years I lost one of the blue topaz stones out of it. A couple of years later my Auntie gave me the gold ring with the tiny diamonds. It’s was my Great Aunts ring. Bizarrely it fitted perfectly on my wedding finger so I took to wearing that but I’ve never been a huge fan of gold and wanted something totally unique. Hubby and I had looked in jewellers at second hand vintage rings but I never found something I fell in love with. 

Then I suggested to him about getting you to work your wonderful magic and combine the two rings. That way I still got to keep the white gold and blue topaz from my original ring, but also had the sentimental and family connection with my people Great Aunt’s ring. All combined into one truly stunning unique one off ring 💕 The fact that you were able to make another thin band with the left over gold and the tiny diamond clusters that I wear on a chain around my neck was an added bonus 😃 I have had soooooo many compliments on the ring and am so happy I chose you to make it 

I love it so so much 💕 “

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