January Birthstone; Garnet

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The new year is welcomed in with the birth sign of the Capricorn. I myself am surrounded by Capricorns; my partner, sister, friends and most of the in laws ….. You get the picture, there are a lot of them. The birthstone for this spectacular zodiac sign is the Garnet.

Interestingly garnet is an assembly made up of many different mineral groups. Some geologists suggest that some of these minerals should be considered minerals in their own right. However, the minerals in the garnet group have very similar formation to each other proving them part of the same mineral family. My understanding is that it’s quite a long and complicated drawn out affair, involving, structure, formation, island silicates and finally ratios of metal ions and silicate molecules that create the same pattern. Slightly mind blowing for a new learner like myself …..

However, what I can tell you is, that the minerals in the garnets help distinguish the colour of the stone. As you can see by the picture above, they cover most of the spectrum. Some of the main examples below.

Pyrope and Almandine; Purple to red

Spessartine; Oranges and yellows

Andradite; Yellow to green

Grossular; This has the widest range of colour from colourless, through yellow to orangey red. 

Tsavorite; Is a rare vibrant green stone. 

The green stone on this barnacle ring is a tsavorite garnet. You can see the vibrance in the green which is yellower than the emerald which is the smaller of the green gems in this ring.

Historically the garnet was worn in times of crisis. It is seen to help the wearer through tricky times by inspiring self-realization and the inner spark to encourage one to find the strength to cope in times of everyday challenge. It is thought that was why this stone was especially worn frequently during the first and second world wars. 

The garnet is a stone which will continue to endure your journey with you. Its presence brings courage, hope and trust. Giving the wearer the ability to enjoy life with confidence of the heart and mind. It disperses bad habits that cause blockages to live the free life, encouraging new ideas and giving the strength to bring them to fruition. Removing taboo and inhibitions, this gem encourages dynamic and balanced sexuality and aids potency problems. 

Garnet brings balance to bodily fluids, mainly blood. This aids, metabolism, eliminates blockages and encourages the intestines to absorb nutrients. The garnet is also thought to encourage the healing of wounds; both internal and external.

The garnet is associated with the Root Chakra. Contact with the skin is essential to feel the benefits of the stone. The garnet can be placed directly on the affected part of the body to aid with healing.

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    Very interesting darling! Can see your Jem course went to good use.
    Think this is a great idea, will look forward to Tapaz for Scorpio.

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