How to Find the Perfect Necklace Length

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On the information pages on my website, you can will be able to find a necklace sizing chart. This is a fantastic visual tool to be able to envisage where a chain will sit on your person, according to its length. The jewellery I make is designed with 24/7, everyday wear in mind (minus the feather earrings, which would definitely bend if they were slept in).

necklace sizing guide for Chloe Michell Jewellery, Cornwall
Necklace sizing guide for Chloe Michell Jewellery, Cornwall

When thinking about necklace sizing there are a number of things to consider. Probably not as complicated or essential as a ring size, however, you will still need to think about the length of your chain, as well as how it will sit on you or the person you are buying it for. What is the intended purpose of the necklace? Are you planning to wear it everyday? Do you want to layer it with other necklaces? Or will it only be worn occasionally as a special item? I have a very fine 16″ 18ct gold chain paired with one of my handmade chains that I wear everyday and never take off. It is a great combination to dress up or down.

Me wearing my 32" handmade sterling silver chain
Chloe Michell wearing her 32″ handmade sterling silver chain

I have made longer handmade chains that are just dreamy! I have one that I love to wear ‘out out’ with my black dresses (I don’t think I own a coloured dress, everything is black). It is a classic timeless chain, that is just fantastic for layering up.

If you are buying a necklace as a gift. A couple of points to consider when choosing a chain for someone else is firstly, how are you intending for your giftee to wear this chain? The standard chain length is 18″. It can be located on the chart as to where it sits on an average person. But try to keep in mind that we are all wonderfully unique and built differently, so it is important to consider the size of the wearer. A very petite person may carry an 16″ like a standard 18″ and the fuller sized queen may need a 20″.

All of my chains come at 18″ , however, this being said, I make these to order so I can extend/shorten the chain lengths to suit your needs. If the chain length you want isn’t available to you please contact me and I will ensure you get the perfect length.

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