Heirloom Redesign



Turn the old into the new!!

Remodling inherited or vintage jewellery is fast becoming a huge trend. It enables people to carry on and emotional connection with the owner. This is personalised jewellery on steroids and is incredibly significant to the owner.



four images of the heirloom jewellery remodeling on the bench at chloe michell jewellery

Case study

My client had a sapphire ring that was her mothers. She treasured the ring! But unfortunately the ring had worn thin at the back and could no longer be repaired. The sapphire was slightly worn and you could tell just by looking at it that it had lived through many a story.

She gave me her ring to remodel with “full trust” in the design.

I made her a signature Chloe Michell ring incorporating the main stone and 4 of the tiny diamonds (Below).






I returned the ring along with the remaining gold, platinum and diamonds, there is enough material there to make most of another ring which I will make in the future.