February Birthstone: Amethyst

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Image of amethyst gemstones in various shapes and sizes from kernow craft, cornwall

Amethyst gemstones in various sizes. These are from Kernowcraft in Cornwall where they sell a great selection of gemstones

I love an amethyst …. More for healing than wearing these days. Every time I write these blogs I find myself thinking I need a bucket full of the crystals in question RIGHT NOW !! But as these crystals work for many things, I am sure they work with the seasons and physical needs associated with that too.

The amethyst is from the quartz family, the iron in the quartz makes it the purple colour it is (citrine also has iron but trace amounts, hence its yellow colour instead of the purple, a combination of the two is known as ametrine). Amethyst is mainly formed by gas bubbles in volcanic rocks and occasionally found in cracks in rock formations. The amethyst crystals grow within these “bubbles” and are known as Geodes when in small spaces or Druse when found in larger spaces.

image of an amethyst geode
Radient amethyst geode

Historically this is the stone of sobriety, this can be found running back to the ancient greeks where the name of the gemstone is derived from the word “amethustos”, meaning non inebriated. The stone has an incredible clearing affect, it seems for many things, mind, soul and body!

The remarkable amethyst ! This gem is all about clarity !!!

Spiritually, it helps open up the consciousness, and path to spiritual wisdom, which in turn grounds your sense of justice, judgement and honesty. Used in meditation it helps you look within to find you inner wisdom/ inner voice and helps you channel this into the fore front of life its self. Mentally, the sobriety stone, helps to clarify those thoughts from disruptive ones to clearer ways of moving forward. It helps with concentration, and aids in removing metal blocks from ones mind, therefore, aiding one to over come those blockages and addictive behaviours. Physically it will help with the release of tensions, injuries, swelling and bruising. It can help with the respiratory tract, regulate the flora of the large intestine, other intestinal complaints and skin conditions.

The amethyst should be worn for long periods of time, you could have a necklace of beads, pendant or other ways (I would wear it as a ring), it should be used regularly in meditations if seeking to see the higher wisdom, placed under the pillow to clear the mind while sleeping (beware, initially this will give you strange dreams as you process everything in order get the clarity as you come out the other side), It can be used as an elixir or placed on the body in the general area of nervous disorders, skin or intestinal problems

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