Case study – Sally

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Remodeled diamond and gold ring by chloe michell jewellery ring
Diamond, gold and silver

Sally came to me wanting remodel of a ring that was her paternal grandmothers. She had seen some rings that she‘d liked that I had previously made, so I took those designs and combined them to get the design for the ring in the photo above.

I based this ring on my original “Barnacle ring”, which sets five stones of different sizes in a row. The ring that Sally gave me was perfect for this design. We knew the existing ring was thin and it meant that Sally was worried about wearing it. Many of my clients aren’t necessarily gold (loving) people, so to combat this I design with mixed metals, usually a gold and silver mix. In this case we have a silver ring shank, with the gold from the ring to make the granules to hold the gemstones. The silver was brought in wire form, then manipulated into the ring shank. Once I freed the gemstones from the ring, the gold was then cleaned and made it in to the granules that were used to hold the diamonds in place. These were then soldered on to the band of the ring individually to get the perfect formation. Finally, using a burr to create the settings for the stones in the granulations. Ensuring that they are securely set in place, making the ring a ring for life.

I was so pleased with this ring! It has been one of many that I have made, that I genuinely don’t want to part with and almost grieve them when they have flown the coop! As a jeweller designer, you cant help but become emotionally invested in pieces such as this.

Sally was delighted with it too, this is what she had to say:

“Chloes design turned my grans very fragile unwearable engagement ring into something beautiful and modern. I’m absolutely delighted with it and so pleased I can once again wear my gran’s ring”


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