Case Study: Liz

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Back in 2019 I was asked to do a remodel of a ring, which was one of the first full remodels I did in my workshop after I had acquired my new equipment to enable me to do so. I was really excited about this commissions as it was gold and diamonds (I work regularly with the diamonds now, but back then it was a big deal) , and I felt that I was able to go full “Chloe” on this design.

Liz had been gifted the ring from family and was getting married. She thought this was a good time to reuse the ring to make something she could wear and admire everyday, having it made from something so sentimental was just the icing on the cake! Below are some words from Liz and an image gallery of the process of the remaking of this beautiful gold and diamond ring.

“My beautiful unique wedding ring was crafted with such skill and care, from a dated ring designed in the 70’s and given to my mum by my dad. The was given to me by my mum who has now passed away. The original design was very ‘of its time’ and was not to my taste. I was originally loathed to have it remodelled as it was such a sentimental piece but after the first meeting with Chloe and discussing what I wanted, I knew we were on the same page as to how to proceed. And the finished article couldn’t have been anymore perfect. I am now the very proud owner of a wonderfully crafted, beautiful wedding ring that can be passed down to my daughters one day. I am also planning to have some additional jewellery made by Chloe using the surplus precious metals and diamonds that remain. Super happy and I wear it with pride.”


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