January Case Study

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Beautiful water colour of a opal ring remodel design by Chloe Michell Jewellery
Original watercolour painting of the ring design

This jewellery remodel was commissioned from me by one of my clients who had been gifted this exquisite Australian opal. I think in my time of gemstone ogling I haven’t seen one with this much beauty. The flashes of different colours that are so synonymous with Australian opals couldn’t be more prominent in this beautiful stone.

I was asked for a simple contemporary design and to use gold and silver from an existing ring from my client. I quite often look at a gemstone, speak to a client and from there know exactly what I am going to make them. Luckily for me, people trust in me and like the ideas I come up with. This one was no exception!

You can see some of the process in the image gallery below and the testimony of my client, who would like to remain anonymous in this instance.

In my journal entry October birthstone you can read further about the opal. Its formation is quite something and this is why we get these incredible flecks of colour within them.

I love my ring!

I have had this opal for quite sometime and it carries great sentimental value for me. I was so happy to have this remade into something that I now wear and enjoy regularly, rather than being locked away.

Any queries about this jewellery commission please don’t hesitate to contact me .


Short video of the final ring. You can see the amazing flashes of colour !!

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