Case Study: Hannah

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A beautiful set of 9ct and silver rings with diamond and garnet. Remodelled from unworn, but cherished jewellery.

Hannah approached me to remodel her mothers ring. She wanted something a bit different to my usual work, but liked the idea of having a set of stacking rings. I felt excited about doing something different to my usual work and revelled in the process! Hannah’s original ring was a lovely garnet, diamond and gold ring. I removed the gemstones and got to work on the remodel. The ring set itself had elements I haven’t made before. The granulated arch, the gemstone arch, as well as the split ring (it isn’t joined in the middle)… It was all so exciting! There wasn’t enough gold to make the complete set so we decided to use silver for a mixed metal finish which worked really well.

I had underestimated how fiddly it would be, but I really enjoyed making the set. Below you can see the process images of how the ring was made.

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