Not long now !!

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Yep, you got it I am talking about Christmas !! The dreaded C word !! With more and more frequent posts popping up on social media with the constant count down to christmas day we will all be staring to consider gifts for our loved ones !! And whats better than buying and supporting local crafts people, the … Read More

one woman band

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Yup you guessed it right ! This blog is about being a one woman band …. i.e. working alone on the business where everything (and I mean everything) is done by myself. I have been inspired to write this after sitting at my table for 4 whole days trying to update my website. I have watched about 10 … Read More

Every file mark tells a story

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The story of the Bangle  As I am having a Bangle sale this week I thought I would write my first blog on the making of a bangle. Sometimes when you see a super shiny piece of jewellery and something as simple and classic as a silver bangle you may not know how they are made. When I … Read More