One off designs

  • Together we can design an unforgettable piece of jewellery with a lasting quality that is a joy to wear for more than one life time, sentimental value being added by every life it passes through.


  • My jewellery can be made in silver and/or gold, I always use the best quality materials including precious and semi precious gemstones to ensure your investment will last forever and is as environmentally friendly as possible.


  • Bring your story to the piece by adding subtle personal touches, such as birthstones of yourself and loved ones, Or adding in gemstones from inherited or unused jewellery.


  •  Below are some ideas of occasions that are perfect for celebrating with a gift of jewellery.
    • Weddings
    • Birthdays
    • Anniversaries
    • Memories
    • Personal Achievements
    • Treats!


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  • I have been working with precious metals and gemstones for over 14 years
  • I have 1st class honours degree in Silversmithing and jewellery
  • I have grown up in a craft environment so understand the importance of the relationship between client and maker



  • I provide a personal service enabling you to enjoy the journey from conception to completion of your piece.
  • I take my job very seriously and my clients can trust me with their ideas and information
  • My testimonials from previous clients show how happy they were with their jewellery


For more information on the commission process check out my blog “from conception to completion”

Want to talk to me in person? Give me a call (+44)7545 904374