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18ct vine rings made from remodleled gold in cornwall by chloe michell jewellery

Back in August 2019, before the world changed and Covid took hold, I was contacted by Vanessa, who wanted me to make a ring for her daughters 18th birthday from jewellery she had been given from her mother.

18ct gold to be remodelled into new jewellery by Chloe Michell jewellery in Cornwall
18ct gold to be remodelled into new jewellery by Chloe Michell jewellery in Cornwall

Vanessa came with her gold and a strong idea of the concept she wanted. In the image above you can see a ring with a hazelnut on it and the band with leaves, this was the detail she liked. This was a ring she had been gifted by her mother, which she cherished. The idea was to create something similar and incorporate the diamond so mother and daughter could have something to connect them.

Originally, I had intended to cast the ring. This would entail making a ring from wax, then creating a mould to pour the molten metal into it. Sadly, (for me anyway, ha!) I couldn’t get my torch at the correct temperature to do this. So, I melted the metal and formed it in to two beautiful gold rings. From there, I drew the pattern on and I hand carved the design into the gold.

Quite frankly this nearly killed me! My hands were cracked and where in so much pain. It took three days to complete, including setting the wee 3mm diamond. But, my gosh am I glad I did. The finished pieces were brilliant, in fact it was far better than I had first imagined. As a maker you always intend to do your very best, but when you go the extra mile and it comes out even better, it makes our souls happy!!

In the image gallery below, you can see the process of how I made this sweet little set of vine stacking rings with a set diamond.

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