April Birthstone – Diamond

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remodel of 22 ct gold and diamond ring handmade in Cornwall by chloe michell jewellery

Well, what can I say ….. If you were born in April you are very lucky to have this fiery magical gemstone as your birthstone. It is just incredibly beautiful and I LOVE working with them. The diamond is the hardest gemstone of them all, scoring a mahoosive 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale and is the hardest of all natural substances. It is made from crystalline carbon which is akin to graphite, known as one of the softest minerals we know. The mystery remains as to why these two minerals form in such a way to create such differences in structure.

Diamonds come in all colours and quality. I am having to hold myself back here from going off on a tangent as the subject is so vast (and these posts are really for the benefit of having the gem as your birthstone and the properties it has for that). It is almost a bit overwhelming writing about this truly incredible gem.

Black diamond ring set in gold handmade in Cornwall by chloe michell jewellery
Black diamond ring set in gold handmade in Cornwall by chloe michell jewellery

The name diamond derives from the Greek ‘adamas‘, which translates as ‘invincible’. This theme runs through the mythology of the diamond. The gemstone was also linked to Venus as a symbol of love. The words synonymous with the history of the diamond are strength, justice, power, liberator, protector … This is the ultimate Queen of the gems! It was said the protection that the diamonds offer to the owner from the threat of danger would not carry to those who stole the diamonds, or came about owning them through unjust means and that they would bring the wearer bad luck.

The diamond helps bring clarity into our life situation and can strengthen the character by bringing us order, by releasing poor compromise and daily restraints we have put in place. Encouraging a spiritual freedom, integrity and belief in our inner-self the diamond helps us to make the right choices without prejudice.

Emotionally, the diamond helps us get a better idea of our inner-self through overcoming hopelessness cause by failure of our goals. It can also help with fear, depression and a lack of meaning.

The clarity of this stone shines through, to cut through the despair we often feel we have created in our lives. Helping us to be able to see things about ourselves as an overview, then taking the best logical way to address any issues. Ensuring we learn quickly and bestow the clarity of thought, the diamond helps us to make decisions with clarity.

Physically the diamond will help to promote change, especially to the places that have a greater link to mental choice or decisions, such as the brain and nervous system. The diamond can be worn to heal as set jewellery or placed on the third eye during meditation.

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