“I’ve looked at plenty of other websites for rings but they don’t compare to yours. I absolutely adore your jewellery ..!”


I am one of these people that looks at rusty doors with peeling paint and broken things and just find them terribly beautiful. I like to think its seeing perfection in imperfection or the broken is the beautiful. I like to carry this into my designs and bring in some irregularity, for example, using imperfect gem stones with small inclusions that make a gem completely unique, almost giving it a personality of its own. You can however be safe assured that your jewellery may look a little irregular but it is made to the highest standard and quality.


I design and make unique one off pieces of jewellery for my clients. Many customers return to me to create bespoke jewellery to commemorate a special occasion in their life or for a loved one. It is the kind of jewellery that becomes part of their story and can passed down through the generations. I can remodel old jewellery for you using the gem stones and give them a new lease of life or make something from scratch.


I like to work closely with my clients to design their ultimate piece of jewellery for them to treasure for ever. Everything is designed and handmade by myself and I pride myself on the quality of my work. My pieces are made for everyday wear so it is perfect for having jewellery you can enjoy and I think this is a contributing fact to why so many customers return to me. You can check out some of my testimonials here and you have probably seen the one at the top of the page!


As well as working on commissions I stock some galleries with one off pieces and attend a few shows throughout the year (You can find the information for this on my Stockists and Shows page). And of course, I always have some off the peg pieces ready to go from the workshop which are perfect for last minute gifts or to save you from a wardrobe disaster!! This can be ordered via email direct though here or check out my Etsy shop to see whats available.





Hi, I’m Chloe, I am a designer maker or jewellery based in North Cornwall. I have made jewellery all my life, I started out with Fymo banana earrings when I was small and have now graduated (in 2015) with a first-class honours degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery. Both my parents are potters and my sister and I are lucky enough to have been brought up in a creative family.